It doesn’t matter what your background is at all, as caregivers, we all come in at ground zero!  -Dr. Camille Superson, author, Pharmacist, Chiropractor …and caregiver. 

On Sunday, 9/4/2016, we welcomed Dr. Camille Superson to Caregivers With Hope’s radio show.    In her own journey, the stress of caregiving at one point made her feel as if she was having a heart attack.  She knew her own health took a beating, and she threw herself into getting healthy …and helping fellow caregivers do the same.

camillesupersonThroughout her career as a Pharmacist and Chiropractor, Camille Superson established herself as a compassionate and dedicated individual. Devoting herself to the development and maintenance of standards that ensure a high quality of life for her patients, she has endeavored to meet their personal, medical, and nutritional needs to the best of her ability. Thanks to her seasoned communication skills, Camille Superson provided expert counsel and educational information to a variety of individuals, both locally and in her speaking engagements throughout the United States.
When her elderly parents developed incapacitating illnesses, Camille Superson took a break from her career as a Doctor of Chiropractic to serve as their caregiver. In this capacity, she oversaw the primary care of her parents, applying her skills around the clock to address a wide range of patient needs. Superson drew upon her experience as an educator and counselor to assist them in coping with physical changes and adjustments to their treatment plans. She attended to their personal needs and administered prescribed medications at the appropriate intervals. In addition to carefully monitoring her parents’ conditions, Dr. Camille Superson interpreted important health-related data in order to provide proper treatment and care.

But it’s not just what she did AS a caregiver, it’s what she’s done FOR caregivers that has taken Camille into a whole new world as a expert on Caregiver Resources …resources that many don’t even know exist! Camille’s found them, compiled them, and his making them available to caregivers in her new book :


Here’s the audio from the show!


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