“I’ve Got To…,” “I Need to…,” “You Don’t Understand, I Have To….” “It’s My Obligation to …”

These are all statements made by all caregivers at some point, and, sadly, all too frequently.  The feeling of obligation drives us to push ourselves to dangerous stress levels for our health, finances, and emotional stability.  The way we can push back is to recognize that we don’t own the problem.  Think about it, did you cause the problem?  Can you fix this issue?

Stewardship Vs. Obligation

Feeling obligated can quickly take us into resentment, which will only compromise our ability to live healthy lives, as well as serve as healthy caregivers. In reality, as caregivers, we’re stewards and powerless to fix the suffering of our loved ones.  Instead of owning the problem, we can instead own the concept of stewardship.  Doing so frees us to accept we are doing the best we can with what we have.

Furthermore, adopting an attitude of stewardship, helps us breathe easier and treat ourselves with mercy—all of which equips us to be a better caregiver.

About Peter Rosenberger

Peter Rosenberger, a thirty-year caregiver, is the author of Hope for the Caregiver.  In addition, Peter hosts a weekly radio show for caregivers on 1510 WLAC, broadcast Sunday’s at 3 PM CST.  The program is streamed through IHEART, and the Podcast can be accessed here. He plans to syndicate the show in the Fall of 2017.

Furthermore, Peter serves as the president and co-founder of Standing With Hope.

The author of four books, Peter, a second-degree black-belt in Hap-Kido, is also an accomplished pianist and just released his CD:  Songs for the Caregiver

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Radio Show for Family CaregiversPeter Rosenberger’s radio show for family caregivers can be heard each Sunday at 3PM CDT on Newsradio 1510 WLAC.  In addition, it is streamed world-wide through Iheart Media, and is a podcast, as well.