Is there a smarter way to live as caregivers?  Absolutely.  Smart Homes are on the rise. Technology provides us increasingly more efficient ways to function as a caregiver.  Remember, loss of independence is one of the 3 “I”s that caregivers struggle with …each and every day.

  • Isolation
  • Loss of Independence
  • Loss of Identity


When it comes to the loss of independence, technology can help us regain our freedom as individuals.  We no longer have to put eyeballs on our loved ones 24/7.  We can take a break while using smart technology to equip our homes to maintain vigilance and a safety net.

Recently on the show, Zach Watson, CEO of HoneyCo homes called in and shared his vision for equipping the vast aging population of baby boomers ….and those who care for them …with amazing smart tools to help us live calmer, healthier, and more independent lives.

Click below to hear the audio, and give HoneyCo a call today to start YOUR journey of living smarter as a caregiver.

“They [The baby-boomers] are the biggest economic force in the world. They are also the biggest social force. They’ve changed American society since they were born. They continue to change society every step of the way. The previous generation—and they went to the home. This generation is going to change all of that.”

Zach Watson, CEO Honeyco Homes.

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HoneyCo technology transforms any house into an automated caregiver. HoneyCo Homes notify family members of concerning home activity, decreasing response times and improving outcomes. This non-invasive technology is a great standalone solution or supplement to in-home care.

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Remember, Healthy Caregivers …Make Better Caregivers!

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