It’s not often that one can have a conversation with someone who’s sold more than twenty million copies!  Paul Young read my recent article Why I’m Looking Forward to Seeing The Shack …and I’m a Conservative, Reformed, Evangelical,  and called my show for caregivers to candidly discuss The Shack, the upcoming major motion picture adaptation, …and his passion to communicate God’s love to the brokenhearted.

Peter Rosenberger

“Any healthy family moves at the speed of the slowest, and when church becomes an institution, it doesn’t care about the slowest—because it’s an institution. Institutions don’t have real life. And we’ve got to remember that the church has always been about people.  So we need to change the way that we relate, and understand that we’ve got to slow down the pace—so that we can move also at the speed of the slowest.

Paul YoungAnd the other thing too, is that we’re not designed for isolation.  We’re made in the image of a God that has never been alone.  “Aloneness” doesn’t exist within the Imago Dei (the image of God) that we’re made in, and we’re not designed for it.  We need community, and you cannot do this stuff by yourself.

The thing about it is, we’ve lied so long about the goodness of God, that we don’t believe it anymore. And, you can’t run to God as a source of comfort, if He is the source of our pain. You can’t trust someone who’s not good all the time. And part of all that I’m trying to say is, ‘..this is a God who is good all the time …and involved in the details of our lives.'” Paul Young,  Author, THE SHACK


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