Wisdom from the Greatest Generation

Today’s family’s cries out for the quiet wisdom that often comes from sitting at the kitchen table with a trusted friend and/or family member.  For a special Mother’s Day interview on the show, such a friend arrived.

Tina Serpico, at age 89, reaches into her own journey of learning from such a person:  her mother-in-law, Sadie.  Tina shares pearls of wisdom she learned from Sadie.  Life lessons she writes in her book sustained and guided her through her full life of raising six daughters and caring for loved ones along the way.

A devoted mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, Tina is a first-generation Italian-American born in Brooklyn, NY in 1927. She is an active senior who enjoys movies, music, and Broadway shows. Tina travels often and visits family in Florida and California. She currently resides in La Grangeville, New York.

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About Peter Rosenberger

AUDIOBOOK_AudibleRadio_Show_Promo24.jpgA caregiver for his wife for more than thirty years, Peter Rosenberger has emerged as powerful voice of experience for an unprecedented need.  Drawing upon his astonishing caregiving journey through a medical nightmare, Peter brings a wealth of understanding to the crushing needs of today’s caregivers. An accomplished pianist, a black-belt in martial arts, and a successful author and speaker, Peter’s demonstrates not only survival, but the ability to thrive as a caregiver.

Through his books, music, speaking, and radio show, Peter equips caregivers to live a calmer, healthier, and more joyful life.CD