Recipes for Caregivers – and For Life! 

For caregivers, cooking can often serve as a tedious and often thankless task. Furthermore, fatigue not only saps physical strength but the mental wherewithall to come up with healthy but tasty meal for ourselves, our loved one, and family members.

We’re wanting to change that by inviting caregivers to submit a favorite recipe on this page. Furthermore, we’re asking you to also tell the story behind the recipe, share a picture of you and your loved one (s), and add a favorite scripture, poem, song lyric, or quote that helps YOU!

In doing so, we’re helping each other cook and eat better—while also strengthening each hearts.  If we can’t all sit down at the same table, then we can at least share memories and encouragment for each other at our various tables.

We’ve been blessed to have Graham Kerr ( formerly the Galloping Gourmet) call our show.  Here’s a brief clip from this man who continues to mentor me as a caregiver and as a friend.  Not only is he teaching me to look at food through a different lense, but he’s also helped me better embrace life, love, and faith. 

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Special Resources for Caregivers

Think about all the issues you run into as a caregiver such as:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Will/Living Will
  • Filing for disability
  • Disputing Medical Bills

Now, think about other issues that come up like:

  • Traffic Tickets
  • Business structures
  • Compliance issues

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Take a moment to consider the state of your health:

  • How do you feel?
  • Is your body and/or mind sluggish?
  • How is your sleep?
  • What does your last physical reveal?
  • Should you lose weight?

A Plan of Care

You didn’t get here overnight – and you won’t change it overnight.
But it all starts with a plan of care that involves a team, verified results, and a commitment to YOU being healthier.

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