The Delta Doctrine


If you are a caregiver, we all do!

Here is a video teaching, along with easy to follow, step-by-step, written tool to help you stay calm during caregiver drama!

Not only do you have the video, but I added bonus audio clips from the show to equip you to avoid flashpoints as you deal with the challenges of being a caregiver. 

Remember these letters:    W – W – W

It takes two seconds to say to yourself what these three letters stand for …TWO seconds for a reminder that can save you stress, heartache, and conflict! 

When the craziness hits, we caregivers need a tool that helps us get back on track.  Something so easy, that we can remind ourselves of this when we’re getting slammed.

  • Maybe it is with our loved one …
  • Maybe it is with family members who add to our drama …
  • Maybe with friends who offer suggestions but little else …
  • Maybe it is at the workplace …
  • Maybe it is with a doctor(s) or nurses or other medical providers…

Maybe it is with ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Regardless of which, this video product that will equip you to handle drama in any form without losing your cool!

Now that is a BARGAIN!

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