Exclusive Audio Library


That one word describes one of the biggest challenges and heartaches that caregivers face.  Caring for someone who is aging, disabled, or chronically ill separates us from our social group, family, friends, and even our work environment …and in that isolation, we can make terrible decisions.


How do I know this?

Hey, remember, “I am the crash-test dummy of caregivers!”  

Why should you have to repeat the same mistakes?  Learn from mine!

I have compiled a lifetime of experience and am offering a lifeline to my fellow caregivers in this exclusive audio library filled with dozens of EASY TO ACCESS clips from the show, as well as complete shows!  Organized by topic and issue, I put this together so that you can have someone with experience join you in those 2 AM meltdown moments.

From quick one minute clips …to entire shows, you have 30 years of experience on demand!

(As a special bonus, I threw in some exclusive videos as well!)

30 Years Caregiver Experience is just a click away