A ministry for the wounded ... and those who care for them.

Standing With Hope is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Donations are considered tax-deductible by IRS Laws.

Hope for the Caregiver

The Family Caregiver Outreach of Standing With Hope

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Standing With Hope has two program areas:

A prosthetic limb ministry to amputees in West Africa

A critical component of the prosthetic limb ministry is a recycling program where inmates at a Tennessee prison volunteer to disassemble used prostheses in order to recycle the feet, pylons, knees, connectors, adapters, prosthetic socks, belts, shoes, and even screws.  Whether giving used prosthetic limbs or through financial support, you’re giving the “gift that keeps on walking!”

A ministry to family caregivers. 

HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER (nationally syndicated radio program)

Both of these programs have the single goal of equipping broken and hurting individuals to stand with hope in Jesus Christ.

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