The “Soul-Crushing” Pain of Caring for Someone With Dementia

Before heading to the show today, I visited with dear family friends who are struggling in the caregiving journey.  He’s suffering from multiple issues, including dementia.  Pulling me aside, his wife shared with me that her husband of more than fifty years is “Sundowning.”  As the day ends, he becomes extremely agitated to the point of using foul language and flailing about belligerently.

The weariness on her face and the hurt in her eyes said it all, and my heart broke for this precious family.  The good news, is that my guest on the show later that afternoon was an expert who brings decades of experience to dealing with that very thing.

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Tracey Maxfield, Dementia ExpertTracey Maxfield is an RN, Dementia Consultant, Educator and Advocate, with over 35 years experience working with dementia populations in the UK and Canada. Certified in palliative care, dementia care and gerontology; Tracey sits on the Board of Directors for Seniors Outreach Society and Better at Home program, and is the Purple Angel Ambassador for the Central Okanagan, BC., Canada. She writes a bi-weekly column, Dementia Aware: what you need to know,  for Castanet, an on-line news station ( and has published 20 articles so far. Tracey is involved in different local and provincial projects to improve senior and dementia care; she also works with local organizations and politicians giving talks on dementia care, designing environments for dementia populations, etc.

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Additional Resources for Caregivers of People with Young Onset Dementia


Peter SpeakingAbout Peter Rosenberger

A thirty-year caregiver for his wife, Gracie, who lives with severe disabilities, Peter Rosenberger understands the journey of a caregiver as few do. His experience led to him to author four books including Hope for the Caregiver, and 7 Caregiver Landmines and How You Can Avoid Them.  

Peter Rosenberger’s radio show for family caregivers airs each Sunday at 3PM CDT on Newsradio 1510 WLAC.  The show is also syndicated nationally

Peter recently earned a 2nd Dan (degree) black-belt in Hapkido, and is also an accomplished pianist.  He recently released his new CD, Songs for the Caregiver.  

Peter and Gracie live in Nashville, TN, where he also serves and the president and co-founder of Standing With Hope.

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