If it’s not the Coronavirus, some other flu issue lurks around the corner.  Guess who’s the most vulnerable? Chances our, it’s your loved one …and YOU!

In addition to the common sense recommendation of the CDC (washing hands, covering mouth, etc.), here are some tips to protect your loved one and yourself while caregiving: 

  1. Coronavirus targets elderly, overweight, diabetic, and other otherwise at-risk individuals. Yet many of the caregivers of those individual also struggle with those same issues.
    • Excessive Weight Gain is significant issue for many caregivers
    • Caregivers often fail to see to their medical needs …while struggling to care for another
    • Caregivers consistently deal with high stress circumstances which comprise our abilities to stay healthy.
    • Staying out of the hospital is imperative …they can be a brick and mortar petri dish.
    • Remove fall hazards such as throw rugs
    • Install grab bars in bathrooms
    • If you have a pedestal sink in bathroom, replace with a cabinet or ensure it’s secured properly (People use it to lean on)
    • Wear comfortable shoes and avoid heels.
    • Make multiple trips to the car …instead of trying to carry too much into the house. Caregivers are often in a hurry …and that’s when accidents happen
  1. Health Tips
    • Keep bathrooms and kitchen areas clean
    • Watch for mold/mildew buildup
    • Hydrate
    • Make sure to thoroughly clean CPAP and other breathing assisted devices (for both caregivers and patients)
    • More healthcare treatment goes on in the home with caregivers than in the doctor’s office.  Rest UP!
  2. Consider an app/telemedicine service to avoid getting loved ones out for routine physician visits …particularly on damp days.