Bryan MacMurray from Disability Benefits Help called our radio show for caregivers to discuss tips for caregivers helping their loved one secure benefits. (Click the player to listen to the interview)


Since 2009, Disability Benefits Help has provided information to individuals who are seeking to apply for Social Security Disability benefits or have been denied after applying. They inform those with disabilities about the application process and help them locate an attorney or advocate who can assist them by providing contact information of an attorney or advocate who represents applicants for disability benefits before the Social Security Administration. 

They have also partnered with disability advocates and attorneys across the country who can help you determine whether or not you will qualify. Based on public research and their personal experience with those in pursuit of benefits, they have found that consulting an advocate or attorney before the long process can save you both time and effort. In addition, the guidance of a knowledgeable advocate or attorney will cost you nothing up front. The participating attorneys or advocates will evaluate your claim and explain to you the chances of approval.

They encourage you to get your free case evaluation, or to contact us regarding any questions, concerns, or comments you may have.

Disability Benefits Help

Hope for the CaregiverMore Caregiver Resources From

Peter Rosenberger


Soon to head for a fourth printing, this book is strengthening caregivers across the country.

Written by one who truly understands the journey, Peter Rosenberger draws upon an astonishing three decades as a caregiver to offer practical advice, encouragement, compassion, and humor to fellow caregivers.

 Songs for the Caregiver


The new CD from Peter Rosenberger (author, radio host, speaker …and 30-Year caregiver!).
Are you finding that car rides to and from the doctor and other appointments …are filled with drama?  Change that by downloading SONGS FOR THE CAREGIVER from ITUNES.  
This original tune by Peter and Buddy Mondlock, I CAN ONLY HOLD YOU NOW.