“I’d recommend a book for you to read …but you’re the guy to write it!”

That’s the message I heard from a therapist once during a difficult stretch in my journey as a caregiver. Pondering those comments for some time, I set out to write a book to caregivers —and to my 22-year-old self!  I knew it couldn’t be filled with the same platitudes given by so many. “Take care of yourself!” “Get Some Rest.” “Make sure you see to your needs.” Blah, blah, blah.

Serving as a caregiver for as long as I have has provides ample opportunity to hear all the platitudes. 

What I set out to do, was speak to the train wreck in the caregiver’s heart and provide the vocabulary of what help looks like to a caregiver. I knew if the caregiver’s heart could settle down and heal, then the finances, profession, marriage, relationships, and health stood a fighting chance of improving as well. Peter Rosenberger

7 CAREGIVER LANDMINES And How You Can Avoid Them: Drawing upon his vast experience as the self-proclaimed “Crash Test Dummy of Caregivers,” Peter identifies seven caregiver landmines that can wreak havoc in a caregiver’s life. Furthermore, these landmines can also affect the life of the caregiver’s vulnerable loved one. He also shared tips on how caregivers can transport to safety and be with a healthy mind and body.

This book was released in bookstores across the US in November 2018. Grab your copy now to explore the world of caregivers through the help of Peter’s words. You may contact him for further questions and donations.

With tenacity, tenderness and humor Peter Rosenberger brings hope to those who find themselves in the overwhelming and sometimes lonely role of caregiver
Amy Grant

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