We’ve compiled a comprehensive library of video and audio resources for caregivers.  This exclusive library gives instant access to dozens of hours of caregiver content organized by topic and in easy to listen to clips.  Isolation is one of the 7 Caregiver Landmines.   This special audio library for caregivers …FROM a caregiver pushes against the isolation and provides three decades of experience to help for those lonely and dark roads.

The Program for Family Caregivers

The Program for Family Caregivers

When’s the last time you spoke from your own heart?
How’s that working for you? Are you able to express yourself?
That’s the first step, and why I ask every caller to the program, “how are you feeling?” Not because we base this on feeling, but because I want to start the conversation with the caregiver speaking in their own voice.

Exclusive Videos at the Piano

Long before becoming a caregiver, I started playing the piano.  Starting at age five, I taught myself to play, and then began taking lessons at age ten.  In college, I majored in music and have  a degree in composition and arranging, piano principle.  I love playing....

The Book

Discussing the launch of HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER